ASPINA standardizes blowers for medical devices
-ASPINA's blowers for respiratory devices equate to smaller, lighter, and quieter products

Press release

8 Sep. 2022

UEDA CITY, Japan, Sep. 8, 2022 -- ASPINA (Shinano Kenshi Co., Ltd., with headquarters in Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture, Japan hereinafter ASPINA) has been contributing to achieve the miniaturization, weight reduction, and noise reduction of respiratory devices, mainly with blowers, compressors, modules, and other products. As part of its plans to become a major player in the medical devices field, one of the key areas of focus for the future, ASPINA will begin sales of standard blowers, 5kPa blowers, for medical devices in December 2022. Through this launch, ASPINA aims to attract new customers and expand our global sales. In addition to standard blowers, ASPINA will continue to grow sales of compressors and create more engagement with customers in module development to improve the quality of life of patients and reduce the burden on medical professionals through collaboration with medical devices manufacturers.

img-release-2022090801-01.jpg ASPINA ”5kPa Blower for Medical Devices”

ASPINA has a well-establish record of supplying motors to the medical devices field. In 2011 ASPINA focused on developing business that is dedicated to the medical devices field, and formed the Medical Business Unit. Starting with the development of various blowers for medical devices and 4-cylinder compressors for ventilators, ASPINA has contributed to achieve the miniaturization, light weight, and quiet operation of respiratory treatment devices, mainly through its blower, compressor and modules.

ASPINA will start sales of standard blowers, 5kPa blowers, in December this year as part of its efforts to show a more significant presence in the medical devices field, one of the prioritized areas ASPINA will focus on in the future. ASPINA (ME Business Unit) aims to attract new customers and expand sales in the U.S., the largest medical market in the world, as well as in Europe and Asia including Japan, where future growth is expected. In addition to standard blowers, the ME Business Unit will also promote collaboration with medical devices manufacturers and provide solutions by expanding its compressor and module development services.

Yutaka Nagai, head of the ME Business Unit, which is promoting business in the medical devices field, said, "We hope to improve the patient life quality and reduce the burden on medical personnel through collaboration with medical device manufacturers by utilizing ASPINA's merits in the integrated design of motors, blowers and control technology.”

ASPINA's standard blowers for medical devices will consist of two series: a 5 kPa blower and a 10 kPa blower, sales are scheduled to begin next year. ASPINA's blowers for medical devices are quiet enough to be used near sleeping patients, highly responsive enough to provide the comfort to patients, and compact enough to allow manufacturers greater flexibility in product design.

Potential applications for 5kPa blowers include CPAP therapy for the treatment of sleep apnea, high-flow therapy to support breathing by delivering oxygen at a high flow rate, cuff assist and nasal aspirators, and anesthesia machines.

ASPINA will exhibit its standard blowers and other products for medical devices at the following exhibitions during this year.

  • Japan: HOSPEX Japan 2022, October 26-28, 2022
  • Germany: MEDICA / COMAPMED 2022, November 14-17, 2022

ASPINA Standard Blowers for Medical Devices


Silent operation, perfect for sleeping patients
High responsiveness to provide the comfort to patients
Compact size for greater flexibility in product design

Plans to obtain ISO13485 certification for this product

Example applications

For CPAP: continuous positive airway pressure
For high-flow therapy to support breathing with high oxygen flow rate
For cuff assist, nasal aspirator, anesthesia machine, etc.

Sales start

December, 2022

img-release-2022090801-02.jpg ASPINA ”5kPa Blower for Medical Devices”

Quietness that can be counted on, even when patients are sleeping nearby

The main application of CPAP, continuous positive airway pressure therapy, is for nighttime use, so quietness is important. The ASPINA standard blower achieves quietness while rotating the blower at high speed.

High responsiveness for comfortable use

It is important that the blower responds quickly to air intake and discharge as a factor to prevent the discomfort to user. Air flow should not have any resistance when inhaling and discharging.

In order to respond quickly to blower control on the actual machine side, the blow has capability of instant acceleration and deceleration, by changing rotational speed inside the blower.

Smaller size for greater flexibility in customer product design

The "palm-size" miniaturization is necessary to reduce restrictions on the customer's product design. At the same time, the motor is required to perform high power for high responsiveness. The well-balanced motor design integrated motor and blower design utilizing the merits of ASPINA achieves both a small diameter and compact shape, as well as power. The size of 5kPa blower is φ62mm in diameter and 50.3mm in height.



What is high-flow therapy?
High-flow therapy is an oxygen therapy where a high flow of oxygen is delivered through a nasal cannula: a tubular medical device. It supports breathing and reduces the patient's burden by supplying high-concentration oxygen gas at a higher flow rate than the patient's inhalation. Since the nasal passages become dry and painful when high-flow oxygen is supplied, heated and humidified oxygen is administered to prevent dryness.
What is ISO13485?
ISO13485 is an international standard for the establishment of quality management systems for medical devices. ASPINA plans to acquire ISO13485 certification for standard blowers because they are parts used inside medical devices but are positioned as important core parts.


ASPINA will exhibit at "MEDICA / COMPAMED 2022 ".

Date: November14 (Mon.) - 17 (Thu.), 2022 10:00 - 17:00
Venue: Messe Düsseldorf Fairgrounds, Dusseldorf, Germany, Booth No.: Hall 8B C4 & 12
Organizers: Messe-Düsseldorf GmbH


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