ASPINA’s motor for LiDARs contributing to meet growing demands for autonomous robots and mobile platforms

Press release

24 Nov. 2021

ASPINA's motors for LiDARs are proven to work well by the fact that many LiDAR manufacturers are using our motors for their products for years. ASPINA's brushless DC (BLDC) motors are widely used in compact LiDARs for access control, security systems, industrial equipment, and also, in recently high-in-demand applications: autonomous robots and mobile platforms. This is because our tailored solutions are flexible and meet customer needs, unlike predeveloped motors which can only be made to a certain size and specifications.

LiDAR products for autonomous robots and mobile platforms are smaller than those for other applications.They require smaller components to reach sensor heights of only 50mm (2.0 inches). With the demand for autonomous robot and mobile platform growing, the demand for smaller LiDARs is also believed to increase.

ASPINA’s BLDC motor allows LiDAR products to be more compact. The motor itself is low-profile, and also, ASPINA motor designs include peripheral components such as drive circuits which enable our customers to develop even smaller LiDAR units.

Research reports predict that the LiDAR market will grow at a significant rate of up to 38% per annum, which leads to a size of approx. 3.8 billion USD in 2025. The industrial LiDAR market on its own is expected to double in size in the next few years. ASPINA has the capacity to provide our BLDC motors for LiDARs in the optimal supply chain in order to meet this growing demand. We continue to support and provide solutions for the success of our customers’ LiDAR business.

Further information on ASPINA’s BLDC motor for small industrial LiDAR applications can be found in the article below.